Laokoon is an always evolving artistic group that develops films, theatre productions, essays, lecture performances and radio plays. Its works deal with the question of how our idea of humans and society change or can be transformed in the digital era.

Under the Label Laokoon, Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck, created their debut film “The Cleaners” about the shadow industry of digital censorship in Manila, celebrated its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018 and has since been screened at more than 70 international film festivals, in cinemas and on TV worldwide. It was nominated for an Emmy and the German Television Award and has received numerous international awards, including the "Prix Europa" for the Best European TV documentary film 2018 and the Grimme Audience Award 2019. Their TED talk on freedom of expression in times of social networks also reaches an audience of millions.

Cosima Terrasse joined Laokoon in 2019 to work as a newly formed trio on “Performing Data”. She is a french artist mainly active in Vienna. She has been working for the Social Design Studio of the University of Applied Arts Vienna since 2018. She is developing new participatory art projects for public space, theaters and community spaces. She creates money-free casinos (Vienna Design Week- 2017), co-designs feminist motorcycling jackets in Ho Chí Minh, choreographs performances for dogs of all talents (Brotfabrik Wien-2018), and performs the last unction for cars at a gas stations (KÖR-2020). The underlying aim of her work, which appeared in various publications, is to explore the relationship between public and private interest, by shifting the perspective on seemingly mundane concerns.